The Delgado Brothers are one of the best kept 

secrets of the L.A. Music scene all though they 

shouldn't be. I've had the pleasure of seeing them 

Live 5 or 6 times and they never disappoint. When I recently had the chance to get some co-workers to come out one night and experience this band they were completely blown away !! Probably the best 

way to describe them is that they are just as good as any big name out there .... it's just that the 

Delgado's aren't famous. This CD does show off the bands wonderful sound which incorporates many styles & influences . Joey Delgado's guitar work is a real highlight through out (If you like blues style guitar playing you'll really appreciate his work ) and I really love the way Brother Bob on bass lives in the groove throughout the whole CD. The Percussion section of Ray Solis & Brother Steve creates the solid foundation from which the hot jamming is launched from. Anyone I've turned onto this CD always asks 

me who is this ? They're really hot !!! I now live on 

the East coast and do hope these guys do become 

famous enough to want to leave their West coast 

roots and tour the country so I can experience their 

live sound again. Anyone out there who reads this 

and loves blues style music should buy this CD 


Let's Get Back
USD $ 9.99

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